Summer e Winter Schools

16-20 agosto 2021
/L+/ international summer/winter school on language acquisition
The first truly global /L+/ international summer/winter school on language acquisition aimed to promote knowledge about first language acquisition and establish a global network of collaboration with mutually beneficial exchanges for researchers and students.
Coordinatrice per l’Università di Padova: Silvia Benavides-Varela

14-17 giugno 2021
Virtual summer school “Innovative Tools in the Study of Language”
This online summer school aimed to offer a training opportunity for large-scale, ecologically valid, real-time research with a wide range of possible applications from clinical settings (augmented communication technologies for the blind, the hearing-impaired, etc.) to technological improvement (intelligent internet search algorithms, speech recognition etc.), and familiarizing participants with methods such as corpus analysis, machine learning, multisite collaborative testing, etc.
Comitato organizzativo: Judit Gervain, Eduardo Navarrete, Francesca Peressotti & Francesco Vespignani

15-19 febbraio 2021
MRInference: from data to knowledge
The general aim of the Winter School was to present modern statistical approaches to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data analysis. Nowadays we are facing a revolution in MRI analysis and the questioned solidity of previous results needs stronger attention to analysis methods. The present winter school has a practical approach in order to bring methodological instruments to improve the solidity of daily research workflows. 
Coordinatori: Livio Finos & Paolo Girardi