Visiting Scholars

Prof. Paul A. M. Van Lange
When: November 1st-24th 2017
: Visiting Scholar Office, Via Venezia 8, 3rd floor

Current position: Professor in Social Psychology and Head of the Section of Social and Organizational  Psychology at the VU University at Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Background: Van Lange received his PhD at the University of Groningen (1991), works at the VU University since 1990 (Professor, as of 2000), and recently was appointed distinguished research fellow at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom, and awarded membership of the Royal Netherlands Society of Arts and Sciences. Most of his publications address human cooperation and social dilemmas, including generosity, forgiveness, trust, and altruism, as well as retaliation, corruption, and norm violation, along with beliefs about human nature and perceived superiority. He adopts an interdisciplinary approach with an emphasis on psychology, evolution, and economic decision making, and uses a variety of methodologies, including cognitive, affective, neurological, and behavioral measures. Over the years, his research is supported by grants from agencies such as N.W.O., Chinese Science Foundation, German Science Foundation, Finnish Science Foundation, Swiss Science Foundation, Templeton Foundation, and the European Community. His most recent award is the Kurt Lewin Medal (2014), a prestigious mid-career award from the European Association of Social Psychology. His publications receive good scientific attention (H-index = 60 in Google Scholar, H-index = 35 in Web of Science).

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